How it Works

The Science Behind Farm Pond Treatment

TLC Products manufactures completely safe, non-toxic live bacteria, which are used to purify water in ponds, aquariums and in wastewater treatment. All of our bacterial strains are not pathogenic.

All product bacterial strains are maintained as pure seed cultures, and grown under sterile conditions, stabilized using patented and trade secret processes, so that the highest quality liquid and freeze-dried bacterial products with a minimum of 2 year shelf life are provided to our domestic USA and international markets.

Bacteria, along with other organisms, are responsible for consuming and removing impurities in water. The impurities are often classified as either inorganic or organic waste.

Inorganic wastes (generally from mineral, non-living sources) are chemicals such as ammonia and phosphate. Organic wastes (more typically from living sources) are generally more complex, and are larger chemicals such as sugars, proteins, fats, starches, etc.

For complete information about how Farm Pond Treatment works:
Download the PDF

The How it Works PDF includes detailed information about:

  • Bacterial Product Composition and Description
  • Types of Microorganisms
  • Classification of Bacteria Based on Shape
  • Classification of Bacteria Based on Functional Temperature
  • Classification of Bacteria Based on Oxygen Requirement
  • Classification of Bacteria Based on What They Eat
  • Bacteria Growth and Reproduction Rate
  • Exoenzyme Producing Bacteria
  • Second Method for Enhancing Exoenzyme Production
  • What Happens to the Solubilized Sludge?
  • TLC Products Nitrifying Bacteria
  • What is Nitrification?
  • Nitrification and Denitrification
  • Summary of TLC Action in Aquariums, Ponds, and Septic Tanks
  • TLC Products and Shelf Life
  • Why Continue to Dose TLC Products After Initial Application?
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